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Clubhouse & Pool (seasonal)

<strong>MONDAY | CLOSED</strong> </br> <strong>Tuesday | 10:00AM - Dusk</strong> </br> <strong>Wednesday | 10:00AM - 8:00PM </strong> </br> <strong>Thursday | 10:00AM - 8:00PM</strong> </br> <strong>Friday | 10:00AM - 8:00PM</strong> </br> <strong>Saturday | 10:00AM - 8:00PM</strong> </br> <strong>Sunday | 10:00AM - Dusk</strong>

Swimming Pool Rules

  1. All persons, members, and guests in bathing suits must register at the registration desk.

  2. Bathing suits may not be worn in the Clubhouse.

  3. There will be no swimming except during posted pool hours.

  4. No glass is permitted inside the pool area.

  5. There will be no large or dangerous objects allowed in the pool at any time.

  6. Horseplay or running is not allowed in or out of the pool.

  7. Children fourteen (14) years of age and under are not allowed anywhere in the pool area unless accompanied by an adult. The baby pool is restricted to children eight- years of age and under.

  8. No Diving allowed.

  9. Tables and chairs may not be moved from the pool area. Tables are for the benefit of those desiring to eat and may not be reserved by placing personal belongings on them.

  10. Visiting with lifeguards is strictly forbidden. The lifeguard is not permitted to “baby-sit” children.

  11. Lifeguards shall have complete authority to enforce all pool rules with adults as well as children. Anyone failing to comply with pool rules or reasonable request(s) by the lifeguards, pool staff or Clubhouse Manager may have his swimming privileges suspended.  All suspensions will be rigidly enforced.  (NOTE: Children may be asked to leave the pool for a short “rest” period if they fail to obey the lifeguards and pool rules.)

  12. Any person having a body infection shall be excluded from the use of the pool.

Boat Dock

  1. The Galveston Country Club’s Boat dock is located behind the swimming pool at Lake Como, with quick access to Galveston Bay.

  2. There is no daily fee or weekend charge. No long term parking allowed.

  3. Boat launch available and located across the Lake on Stewart Road by Waterman’s