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Rates and Rentals

  • Stock Member - 18 holes $15 | 9 holes $7.50
  • Golf Member - 18 holes $20 | 9 holes $11.50

All Green Fees Include Cart and Range Balls


Green Fees for Golf and Stock Members Guest:

  • Weekday, $60 | Weekend, $68

Green Fees for Social Members:

  • Weekday, $70 | Weekend, $80 

Greens Fees for Social Member Guest:

  • Weekday, $80 | Weekend, $90

Bag Storage - $10/month

Locker Full - $15/month

Half - $7.50/month

MGA & LGA memberships available

  • GHIN Handicap - $36 per year
  • Rental Clubs - $50 | Premium Rental Clubs, $90
  • Range Balls -  $9

Golf Course Rules & Regulations

The golf course shall be open for play Tuesday through Sunday, and shall be open on Mondays during holiday periods and for special events. There will be no play on Monday except scheduled tournament play.
The Course Superintendent or his designated representative in conjunction with the Head Golf Professional shall make the final decision as to whether the course, or any portion, will be closed due to playing conditions. 
Before commencing play, each member and their guests must register in the pro shop. Tee times are required every day of the week. Any group not prepared to tee off at its reserved time forfeits its position. The golf shop will attempt to provide an alternate time. No groups can tee off #10 unless approved by the Pro Shop.
It is customary in golf for the course to give priority to foursomes. Twosomes have no standing on the golf course.
Groups of less than four will be paired up when possible. The pro shop staff will try to pair incomplete foursomes when necessary. This will open up additional times for the rest of the membership.

Play may be approved for up to a five-some. All rounds, regardless of group size must be played in a timely manner in accordance with club rules. All golfers must have a set of clubs to play golf. More than one golfer playing from one bag is not allowed.

Members with children ages 12 and under must sign a liability form before their children can use the golf facilities. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent on the golf course and/or practice facilities, unless otherwise specified by the Pro Shop.
A member of the club must accompany guests unless prior arrangements have been authorized by management. Reciprocal privileges will be extended to members from other private country clubs if prior arrangements are made through either management or the Golf Professional. A member with more than four guests must make prior arrangements with management or their designee. Management or their designee reserves the right to approve additional guests under certain conditions. All golfers (members and guests) must register in the Golf Shop prior to commencing play.

No one person may be the guest of any member more than six (6) times in any one twelve (12) month period. 
Proper attire must be worn on the golf course and the practice areas at all times. Only conventional and appropriate golf attire may be worn, the length and fit of which must be considered acceptable by the Club. 

Men (14 and older): Must wear slacks or shorts. Shorts must be mid thigh and above the knee. Shirts with sleeves and collars, shirts must be tucked in, unless designed to be worn untucked. Jeans (in any fabric, color, style, or brand), jogging shorts, gym shorts, sweat pants, t-shirts, tank tops, cut-off shirts, swimsuits, or large open weave shirts are considered inappropriate. Any clothing with slogans, printed messages or advertising except for small corporate identification, logo, club name or emblem is unacceptable. Caps and hats must be worn in the manner designed. Golf shoes must be soft spiked.

Women (14 and older): Women may wear shorts, skirts, or slacks with blouses and/or sweaters. Shorts at a minimum must be mid-thigh and shirts designed to be tucked in should be worn as designed. Short shorts, jeans (in any fabric, color, or brand), jogging shorts, gym shorts, cut offs, un-hemmed shorts, sweatpants, uncovered tights, tank style tops, bare midriff tops, strapless tops, spaghetti straps, are considered inappropriate. Any clothing with slogans, printed messages or advertising except for small corporate identification, logo, club name or emblem is unacceptable. Caps and hats must -- be worn in the manner designed (NO backwards hats). Golf shoes must be soft spiked.

Members are responsible for the attire of their guests.
The golf course at Galveston Country Club is maintained for the enjoyment of the members. It is the consensus of management that unduly slow or fast play does not enhance the enjoyment of the course for the membership as a whole. To ensure the timely completion of a round of golf, management has directed the pro shop to marshal the course during heavy periods of play to enforce our rules and keep play moving at an acceptable speed.
While management understands that certain special circumstances will exist from time to time, your fellow members will appreciate your support and compliance with the rules.

Players taking time out for lunch between nine holes lose all priority.
The pro shop staff will try to provide an alternate time to get you back on the course.
A member leasing a golf cart will sign a charge ticket in the golf shop prior to commencing play.

Club-owned and private golf carts are to be driven by licensed drivers age 16 or older only.

No more than two players and only two sets of clubs are permitted on one cart at a time.

Members and guests are requested to use cart paths and observe the 90-degree rule as much as possible to protect the golf course.

Management would appreciate that golfers pair up in golf carts so there are only two carts for a foursome and three carts for a five-some.

During wet weather or when certain areas of the course would benefit from restricted traffic, Management may require that carts stay on the paths. Handicap Flags will not be permitted on these days.

Carts must have all four wheels on the cart paths around tees and greens. Carts must return to the cart path when so directed by cart path signs.

Electric carts must be kept a minimum distance of 30 yards from all greens.

Push/Pull carts must not be pulled between greens and bunkers or over the tee boxes

Any member who owns a private cart will be charged when that member uses a club-owned cart. 

Playing guests of members will be charged a cart fee regardless of whether the guests ride in a club owned cart or a private cart.

The member is personally responsible for any damage caused to a cart, other property or personal injury caused to any person.

Private golf carts are subject to specific rules and regulations governing design, style, tire specifications, and quality. All private carts must be inspected and approved by the Golf Professional. No carts will be permitted without such approval.

Cart paths are restricted to the use of golf carts only. All vehicles and other modes of transportation are prohibited on the cart paths and golf course. Due to obvious danger during play, non-players are not permitted on the course or paths unless accompanying a golfer.

World Handicap System (WHS) is the downward adjustment of individual hole scores for handicap purposes in order to make handicaps more representative or a player's potential scoring ability. WHS sets a maximum number that a player can post on any hole depending on the player's Course Handicap. WHS is used only when a player's actual or most likely score exceeds his maximum number based on the table below. A maximum score per hole that can be posted is based on a golfer's present handicap.

Course Handicap Maximum # on any hole:

  • 9 or less = double bogey
  • 10-19 = 7     
  • 20-29 = 8
  • 30-39 = 9     
  • 40 or more = 10
Handicaps are determined under the guidelines of the USGA and managed by the Head Golf Professional and his staff. Every member in the interest of fair play shall return a scorecard for every golfing round (18 holes) played. The card should be completed with full name, member #, tees, and date played. The card should be returned as soon as possible after completion of play. If a member does not turn in all scores or does not observe the spirit of the handicap system, a handicap may be arbitrarily reduced or increased.
  • Tuesday-Friday 7:30a.m.-5:00p.m./6:30p.m. DST
  • Saturday 7:00a.m.-4:30p.m./6:30p.m. DST
  • Sunday 7:00a.m.-4:30p.m./6:00p.m. DST

Practice shall be restricted to the designated practice areas. Players should refrain from engaging in any practice that would damage the course or disrupt play. The taking of or playing with range balls is strictly prohibited. 

Players should take special care to fill divots with sand provided on the golf carts. Repair all ball marks on the greens, and rake the bunkers as you leave them. Those members with private carts are to carry sand on their cart to fill divots. Each member should take great pride in our course and do their part to keep it enjoyable for the players that follow.  No pets shall be allowed on club property at any time.


  • Repair the ball marks on the greens.

  • Repair your divots with sand & seed mixture provided.

  • Rake the bunker after hitting your ball & place the rake in the bunker.

Golf Is A Sport for Life, So Let's Make It Enjoyable for everyone!!

These rules shall be adhered to by all members and guests of the Galveston Country Club. Infractions should be reported to the Golf Professional or the Golf Committee. Infractions of any of the rules are subject to the following:

  • 1st. Offense: Written or Verbal Warning

  • 2nd Offense: $50.00 fine

  • 3rd Offense: $100.00 fine

  • 4th Offense: Action will be up to the discretion of the Board of Directors

Enforcement and interpretation of these rules may be subject to the discretion of the Golf Professional and the Golf Committee. 

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Gold / Red
Men's Handicap
Women's Handicap

Ladies & Men's Golf Associations


The Galveston Country Club Ladies' Golf Association is proud to have a Ladies' Golf Association (LGA) that has a history of going back to 1905. Today, we continue the purpose that was established of promoting and conserving, among women golfers of Galveston Country Club, the best interest and true spirit of the game of golf, as embodied in it's ancient and honorable traditions. Our official play days are Thursday @ 9:00AM and on Saturday at 10:00AM. In January, we post a schedule for the year, which includes the format for each play day as well as special tournament such as Members' Memorial in May and Tombstone in October. Following golf, we have lunch at the clubhouse, announce play day winners and enjoy each other's company. Our Ladies Championship is held in early October and players who have participated in at least 6 play days during the twelve months prior are eligible for the tournament. In even years, we host the Seagull Invitational and in odd years a Member/Guest tournament. The LGA is also a member of the Gulf Coast Interclub and we play at various private courses in the area. This occurs monthly usually March through October and the format has been better ball of the two players. Golfers must have an established handicap with max of 36 in order to participate. We are proud that in 2016 we won the Championship, and the trophy is on display in the Ladies Locker Room. On the second Thursday of the month, we hold a business meeting following golf or if we are unable to play due to bad weather, we meet at 10:00AM. Membership dues are $60.00 per year and $5.00 to join the LGA Hole in One Club. We welcome new members and if you like to play golf you are encouraged to contact any LGA member.


Welcome to the Galveston Country Club. All members of the club are encouraged to join the Men’s Golf Association (MGA). Our MGA is comprised of both Stock Members and Social Members. The membership fee is $75 per year. The objective of the MGA is to promote the enjoyment of the game of golf and to create camaraderie among the members of the club. All golfers at every skill level are encouraged to join the MGA. This is a great way to meet your fellow club members! The MGA sponsors a number of events during each calendar year. These events are designed to create friendly competition among the members and provide various formats to challenge your skills while making the event an enjoyable time. You must be a member of the MGA to play in any MGA event.

How Do I Join?

Simply contact the Pro shop or call the Membership Office of your intent to join the MGA.  They will assist you with your enrollment and take care of all the details.  We do keep an up to date roster on the full MGA membership

Lessons & Clinics

Private lessons and clinics with PGA Professionals. Tailored instruction for any skill level. Customized clinics for your corporate groups. Player Development Programs and Clinics for all levels. Club-fitting programs utilizing the most sophisticated technology. Short game clinics guaranteed to reduce your scores. SUMMER JUNIOR GOLF CAMPS Summer Camps are held in June and July for youth between ages 6-13 years of age for skill levels from beginner to a seasoned junior player. Instruction covers safety, etiquette, rules, putting technique, short game and full swing.